About us

ZeBons medarbejdere 2019

At ZeBon, we have since 2009 engaged in IT solutions that optimize and streamline processes and workflows in all types of companies.

With a focus on handling expenses and travel settlements, we have developed the solution zExpense, which effectively handles all workflows concerning management of outlays, credit card transactions, advances, mileage settlement, allowance calculation etc.

Whether you have made a cash outlay, paid with your company credit card or purchased through your internet account/travel account, settlements are easily handled in zExpense. The solution is very intuitively structured and makes it simple for all types of users to handle their settlements – whether you are in sales or a consultant, manager/approver or controller/finance employee.

With approx. 800 customers and 320.000 users spread over close to 30 countries, we embrace broadly – across different industries and all company sizes, ranking from 2 employees and up to more than 1.000 employees.

ZeBon is 100% Danish owned, and we take pride in creating Danish jobs. We believe it is a strength that our team is close to the customer and easily have a dialogue about eg support or development tasks.

Our team of 14 talented employees – who are distributed in offices in Hellebæk, Zealand and Aalborg, Jutland – are ready to help your company towards a simpler everyday life with zExpense.