About Cookies

A cookie is a datafile, that websites saves on your computer, for the website to recognise the computer the next time you visit the website. Cookies are send back and forth between your browser and a webserver which contains information about for example:

  • User settings
  • Content of your Cart
  • About a user being logged in
  • How the website is used

A cookie is a passive file and can’t contain and spread any viruses or other harmful content. Often the cookies helps in the analysis og how the website is used, in order for the web editors to be able to improve the user experience. In most cases cookies can be necessary to be able to provide a service. Cookies are often deleted automatically from the browser, when it is closed (also called session-cookies). Cookies can also be set with an expiration date, meaning the data either exist for a shorter or longer period of time (persistent cookies). Persistent cookies are typically saved in the harddrive. Furthermore, cookies are normally distinguished by first party cookies and third party cookies. First party cookies are set by the website that the user visits. Third party cookies is set by a third party, which has elements implemented on the site, which the user visits. Third party cookies is amongst other, set by web analysis programs.

How We Use Cookies

At zebon.dk we use Google Analytics cookies, this allows us to see information about activity and use of our website inclusive, but not limited to page views and time spent on the website. The information is depersonalised and is displayed as numbers, meaning it can not be traces back to you as an individual. This will help to protect your privacy. Using Google Analytics we can see what content is popular on our website, and strive to give you more of the things you enjoy reading and watching.