Integrate Banks, Credit Cards, and More with zExpense

zExpense offers seamless integration with a wide range of banks and credit cards. This means you can easily incorporate your existing corporate credit cards into zExpense without modifying your current setup or switching cards.


Integrate Banks, Credit Cards, and more

With zExpense, transaction data from your bank is automatically retrieved. This integration allows your employees to access their credit card transactions directly in the zExpense app, which instantly generates an expense entry for further processing. This ensures that all expense items are handled promptly and accurately.

Below, you’ll find a list of banks and credit cards currently supported by our integration. This list is continuously expanding as we add more integrations.

If you have any questions about the integration process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Integrate your bank with zExpense

Is your bank not listed?

No need to worry. zExpense seamlessly integrates with the majority of banks, including yours. Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss your options and current setup.

More integrations

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Benefits of Using Our Bank Integrations

Transactions from your corporate credit cards are seamlessly imported into zExpense and can be automatically categorized into relevant expense categories such as hotels, transportation, or meals. If your employees have taken pictures of their receipts, they will be automatically matched with the corresponding bank transactions. All currency conversions are based on the exchange rate your credit card provider applies at the time of purchase, ensuring that the amounts in zExpense align with the invoiced amounts you receive from the bank.

By importing all purchase transactions, zExpense simplifies expense tracking for users and your finance department. You can easily monitor and verify the documentation of all corporate credit card purchases. Automated reminders can be sent if any transactions slip through the cracks.

zExpense can receive transaction data as soon as your bank provides it. For instance, if real-time transactions are supported by your existing bank or credit card provider, zExpense can deliver them in real time. 


Do you have any questions?

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Alternatively, you can also give us a call at +45 72 44 11 90.