zExpense seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and setup

Connect your systems and take your expense management to the next level.

With zExpense’s integration capabilities, all your systems work together, streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary duplicate work.

What integrations would you like to learn more about?


Banks, credit cards, and others

Link your corporate cards to zExpense.

Finance and payroll systems

Integrate your finance system with zExpense.

Our aim is to support you in attaining the optimal system configuration

With zExpense‘s vast integration possibilities, we help you build the best system structure.

We ensure a smooth data flow, from receiving data from all your credit card transactions to delivering it to your finance, payroll, or project management systems.

In Denmark, all banks can directly transfer your corporate credit card transaction data to zExpense, which also applies to most foreign banks. You only need to authorize your bank to send us your credit card transactions.

zExpense seamlessly integrates with all finance and payroll systems. Depending on your finance system integration occurs through a direct API connection or export files.

It is also possible for your finance or project management system to directly send data to zExpense, ensuring that users always have access to valid case numbers or projects when handling expenses.

In short, zExpense easily adapts to and integrates with your current digital setup.

Tailor your integration to suit your specific needs

If you require integration with a specific bank/credit card or finance/payroll system, we are pleased to offer our REST API, enabling you or your IT provider to customize your integration.

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Alternatively, you can also give us a call at +45 72 44 11 90.