Making expense management effortless, worldwide

At ZeBon, we understand that managing expenses should be seamless and effective, regardless of your business’s location. That’s why Danish, international, and global enterprises all trust zExpense.

Is your expense management system ready to go global?

Embrace Global Connectivity with zexpense

Centralize your company's entire receipt management process in one accessible solution, no matter where your business operates worldwide

At ZeBon, we firmly believe that receipt management should be an uncomplicated process for everyone involved – employees, the finance department, and the CFO.

This applies even if your company maintains offices or subsidiaries on a global or international scale. Our solution, zExpense, bridges geographical boundaries and ensures a uniform receipt management solution for your entire team.

For companies with multiple domestic or international subsidiaries, our flexible structures enable seamless collaboration and consolidation for a comprehensive group financial statement.

Embrace Global Connectivity with Zexpense

zExpense thriving in 64 countries

We are on a growth trajectory, with our digital expense management solution, zExpense, serving Danish, international, and global businesses.

Is your company seeking an intelligent, efficient, and digital approach to managing receipts, expenses, and travel reimbursements? Look no further – zExpense is the answer, no matter where your operations take you.

With a client base spanning the Nordic region, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the USA, and South America, we are proud that zExpense is trusted by companies in 64 countries.

What our customers say about zExpense


“zExpense is the right choice for us – easy and always accessible for employees, and just as convenient for the Finance Department.”

Maj-Brit Hansson

Spies A/S


“At Matas, we highly value having control over our expenses, and that’s why we are pleased with zExpense. It provides clarity and makes it easy for users to submit their travel expenses.”

Vibeke H. Wagner

Matas A/S


“Compared to our previous costs for an external bookkeeper, the investment in zExpense quickly paid off – it’s the best and fastest ROI I’ve seen in a long time.”

Allan S. Christiansen

A-Consult A/S


“We’ve experienced tremendous time savings for our volunteers, accounting team, and management. Not to mention the significant cost savings, as the system is affordable, highly efficient, and quickly pays for itself.”

Erik Nielsen

Dyrenes Beskyttelse


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