Ensure flexible and easy time and absence registration for all employees with zTime

Effortlessly record the time spent on different tasks, maintain a transparent log of working hours, and easily manage absence—all within an app you can access at any time.

Intuitive registration of working hours and time tracking

With zTime, all employees can effortlessly and digitally record their time with ease and speed

Log your time as needed

zTime streamlines the procedure for employees to log their working hours and track time spent on various tasks, including meetings and project work. This simplifies the tracking of working hours for both individual employees and the company. Accessible through both the app and web, zTime offers flexibility.

The configurations of time registration can be tailored to the specific needs of each case. For instance:

Simplify and streamline time registration

Time registration can pose a challenge for employees who are constantly on the move, but it doesn’t have to be.

zTime is designed to be user-friendly with an intuitive structure, ensuring that all employees can effortlessly log their time. Simply add the start time and duration or the from/to time, and allocate the registration to a project, service number, or client.

Additionally, you have the option to set up manual time registration, submit it for approval, or send it directly to the finance department.

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Say goodbye to your Excel spreadsheet: Digitally log time and absence

Save time, gain insight into working hours and absence, and acquire
a digital setup customized to your requirements

Easy overview of registrations

Employees can check their daily, weekly, and monthly totals for selected time registration types.

User-friendly time tracking

Log your time the way that suits you best. Choose between a start/stop function that automatically tracks time for you or create a manual time entry.

Tailor dimension fields

Define the number of dimensions for each time registration type and configure them as required or optional based on your needs.

App-based registration

Say goodbye to manual Excel or timesheet entries. All employees can easily record time and absence directly in the zExpense app and submit them for approval.

Holiday calender

Account for absence on holidays and weekends using a calendar that can be customized and adjusted according to individual preferences.

Integration with your other systems

Automatically transmit time and absence registrations to your CRM, accounting and payroll systems, or project management tools.

Register all types of absence with zTime

Using zTime, employees can log various types of absence such as illness, vacation or compensatory time off directly within the app. Subsequently, all recorded absence are sent directly for approval to the nearest supervisor, HR, or the payroll department.

Additionally, it’s possible to configure a customizable holiday calendar, accounting for absence registrations due to weekends and holidays among other factors.

Achieve the ideal setup with zTime's integration capabilities

All time and absence registrations in zTime can be seamlessly transferred to your HR, CRM, payroll system and project management tool. This eliminates unnecessary data entry and significantly simplifies the process for all employees.

Absence registrations can be submitted for approval through a customized workflow or sent directly to HR or the payroll department.

If you wish to customize your own integration, we are pleased to offer access to our REST API.

With zTime, we always have a clear overview and control of our hours


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