Digitize your creditor invoices from receipt to approval with zInvoice

Automatically extract data using an OCR scanner, establish efficient workflows, initiate invoice payments in your financial system, and consistently keep track of the entire process.

Managing your creditor invoices has never been easier. 

zInvoice on app and web

Streamline your creditor invoice management

And save numerous hours on managing creditor invoices each week

Digital and automated workflow

Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace an automated workflow that ensures swift and efficient handling of supplier invoices.

Maintain an updated overview of where in the process your creditor invoice is.

Simple and straightforward approval process

Customize your workflow: Select approvers for each creditor invoice, set default approvers based on the creditor, or specify one or more approvers.

Approve on the go with the app or use the web solution on your work computer.

Save time and avoid manual work and typing errors

Use the OCR scanner to automatically extract data from PDF invoices or have data from EAN invoices transferred directly to zInvoice.

Data is filled in automatically in zInvoice, making it easy to submit the creditor invoice for approval and payment.

Manage your creditor invoices with just a few clicks

Managing creditor and supplier invoices should be a seamless process, allowing you the time to focus on what truly matters for your business.

With zInvoice, you can handle the management and approval in a fraction of the time you currently spend – making the entire process more efficient and transparent for all employees.

Explore the zInvoice process

1-2-3, and the creditor invoice is approved, posted, and set for payment

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"zInvoice has made it easy and user-friendly to manage invoices."


Once you have set up creditors with relevant master data, they are always available in zInvoice.

When a creditor submits an invoice, it is automatically matched with their master data in zInvoice. Subsequently, the invoice is automatically accounted for and sent for approval based on a workflow you define.

If a creditor is not yet in zInvoice, you can easily create one with just a few clicks.


Your creditors can send invoices directly to zInvoice, and you and your colleagues can forward invoices to zInvoice. The moment an invoice arrives in the zInvoice inbox, it is accounted for and sent for approval – regardless of whether it was submitted by a creditor or an employee.

You can use the OCR scanner to automatically extract all relevant information and associate the invoice with a creditor.

For EAN invoices, all data is directly transferred to the appropriate fields in zInvoice.

Accounting and workflow follow a standard that you define, and if you need to make changes, you can easily do so – otherwise, the invoice is simply sent for approval.


You can easily designate a colleague as a default approver or create an approval model for any creditor. Consequently, all invoices from the same creditor (completely automated) consistently follow the same workflow. Alternatively, you can choose to let an accountant specify an approver or approval model for each individual invoice.

To approve the invoice, your colleague simply needs to open zInvoice – either in the app or on the web. Here, they can easily approve one or more invoices. Naturally, you have the ability to set monetary limits for each approver, ensuring you have control over who can approve what and for how much.

If you use zExpense, you have the option to apply the same workflows that are already configured.

Export to your financial system

Once the invoice has completed the workflow and has been approved by the relevant colleagues, it is exported to the financial system.

Here, it is automatically posted and scheduled for payment.

Integrate zInvoice with your financial system

zInvoice can be seamlessly integrated with your financial system, allowing you to transfer all processed invoices directly into the financial system for payment, either through automatic API transfer or data file exchange.


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