Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central integration privacy statement


This privacy statement pertains to the Business Central (BC) extension “zExpense integration.”

General terms

Your contract with ZeBon ApS for a license to use zExpense describe how we treat your data. The same terms apply to this extension. While it’s a separate piece of software installed in BC, we consider it to be a part of the zExpense service, and therefore no different when it comes to how we treat privacy and your data.

What data the extension processes


You may configure a number of dimensions in BC to be synchronized with zExpense. This will result in us sending those dimension values, and only those, to zExpense. If you delete a dimension value in BC, it will still exist in zExpense because we can’t delete dimension choices. If you remove a dimension from the page zExpense integration in BC, that dimension will no longer be synchronized to zExpense, but it will still exist there. Transfer of dimension data from BC to zExpense will only happen at your request, i.e. when you manually trigger a synchronization or one has been scheduled to automatically run.


If you use zInvoice, you may choose to synchronize your vendors from BC to zExpense. As with dimensions, data is only transfered when you want, and due to the way zExpense works, we can only disable vendors, not delete them entirely.

Settlements and invoices

The primary purpose of the extension is to take settlements (and invoices, if you use zInvoice) that have gone through a complete approval workflow and import them into BC for further processing. From zExpense we retrieve settlements and invoices, including all headers, entries/invoice lines and attachments, but excluding history and comments. The only data we save in BC is as journal lines or, optionally for zInvoice, purchase invoices. If you’re worried about whether specific data from zExpense has been transfered to BC, if you don’t see it here, it hasn’t been saved.

Settings from “zExpense integration”

The page in BC “zExpense integration” lets you configure your integration. In order to help our support staff help you with any setup issues, whenever your settings are saved, a copy of these settings are sent to zExpense, and can be reviewed in your export settings in zExpense. For example, this means that we can see what general journal you import your settlements into, but not the contents of that journal.